Natural stones (marbles, granit, limestone & travertine) are the finest building materials and Greece, although small in size, constitutes a basic marbles producing country. Greece contains numerous stones quarries extracting various marbles & limestones. Greek marble is an exceptional building material and represents elegance, taste & luxury. Several greek marble applications are: floor tiles, wall tiles, facades, fireplaces, columns, staircases, countertops�

Topalidis S.A. is a quarrier & supplier of quality greek marble. Our factory (50.000m2 privately owned site) is located at Drama, Greece, which is a worldwide known marbles production region. In this region (Drama - Kavala � Thassos) is producing nearly 50% of the total greek white marble & semi white marble production. Our exhibition area covers 20.000m2 and 400m2 offices. The company has great capacity and by the years gained valued experience and in-depth knowledge of greek marble granit industry. Service is excellent because we control our stones in all stages: extraction from own quarries, processing, packaging & transportation.

Our stones production, processed with the most updated machines, includes various lime stones, granit & marble tiles standard & tiles cut-to-size, plates, blocks. Although we supply all greek marble types & imported granite, we�re specializing in white marbles.

  • THASSOS WHITE MARBLE: Thassos pure white, Thassos snowwhite, Thassos extra, Thassos weiss, Crystal white, Crystallina of Thassos, Thassos Limenas, Thassos Prinos, Thassos Blanco, Thassos waterfall, Thassos crystal, Thassos Milky, Brilliant white, Thassos Bianco, Thassos Branco, Thasso, Thasos, Thaso, Tassos, Tasos.
  • PIGHES WHITE MARBLE: Pighon white, Piges, Pighes weiss, Piges Drama white, Pigues branco, Pighes bianco, Pighes blanco, Pigon, Pigon Dramas, Pighes branco, Pigue branco, Lais.
  • ARISTON WHITE MARBLE: Ariston extra, Ariston classic, Ariston Blanco, Ariston branco, Kyknos white, Kiknos white, Kynos, Kalliston, Granitis of Drama, Granites Dramas.
  • VOLAKAS WHITE MARBLE: Volakas extra, Volakas classic, Volakas cloudy, Volakas venato, Volakas flower, Volaks, Volax, Volokas, Volacas, Olympus, Arabesco Volakas, Ajax.
  • NESTOS WHITE MARBLE: White of Nestos, Kavala white.
  • NAXOS WHITE MARBLE: Naxos Crystalina.
  • VERIA WHITE: Veroia.
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